RIP Rosalynn Carter

Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Jimmy Carter died today at 96. They were married for more than 70 years. She was a strong advocate for mental health, and I think the Carters together have done a lot of good.…-at/index.html

Sad... She did live a very long life, though. I hope she wasn't in much pain or discomfort.

Rest in peace~

She really knew how to run a country.…care/14083001/



I think you mistake her for the next First Lady - Nancy.

I agree. I remember her from the 70s and she was a force to be reckoned with. Jimmy and Rosalynn were a team; both professionally and private. She didn't support the ERA at first, although she was a working woman and basically an example of what the opponents were calling for... but without the salary and credit, of course. And that was the crux.

But Jimmy gave her the credit, his love and his kindness. After the previous gruff and mysogenic presidents that included Johnson and Nixon, it was a drastic change.