Seat/AMAG question

Just wondering if any Seat/AMAG car owners could help me out.

I recently bought a Seat. Most of the time when I lock the car the head/tail lights go off as it locks. Probably about 20% of the time however they stay on and I have to un-lock and re-lock the car to make them go out. I can't figure out why this happens (and google didn't help). Has anyone got any ideas?


Could it be the coming/leaving home function? i.e. when the vehicle deems that the environment is dark enough and the headlight switch is in "auto", it will keep its lights on for a certain amount of time after unlocking with the key fob/locking.

Also, I think you mean VAG car owners instead of AMAG

No, I meant AMAG, but specifically Seat, Cupra, VW and Skoda, which are all super similar.