Shimano Hollowtech crankset inspections


Does anyone know if this is already happening in Switzerland? I called a Shimano Service Center and they said they are still waiting for information, and the EU information does not apply here. Anyone know more?…n-program.html


Just get in touch with your closest dealer (shimano website has the list). I asked my usual shop and they inspected it in 15 seconds. You can also check yourself. Good luck!

Seems like there is only one in Zurich out at Albisrieden. Last week they said there's no instructions yet for Switzerland and the programme hasn't started.

Which dealer did you go to if I may ask?

There are dozens of Shimano dealers in Zürich, double check the website? I talked to my local store that I use fairly regularly, they aren't participating but took a quick look and gave it the OK.

Do you have a regular bike shop you go to for services etc? They should be able to check it v quickly even if not participating. Alternatively send a couple of local ones an email with the photo attached.