Should all the car be inside parking lines?


Sorry for the basic question: When parking a bigger car in a parking spot, is it "enough" if the wheels are all within the lines, or the whole car must fit inside the spot (and otherwise is considered illegal parking)?

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The wheels all need to be inside the lines

And if you want it black on white:…1961/de#art_79 (para. 6):

“Wo Parkfelder markiert sind, dürfen Fahrzeuge nur innerhalb dieser Felder parkiert werden. Parkfelder dürfen nur von den Fahrzeugarten benützt werden, für die sie grössenmässig bestimmt sind. Parkfelder, die für eine Fahrzeugart oder Benutzergruppe reserviert sind, dürfen nur von dieser Fahrzeugart oder Benutzergruppe benützt werden.”

Deepl Translation:
“Where parking bays are marked, vehicles may only be parked within these bays. Parking bays may only be used by the types of vehicle for which they are intended in terms of size. Parking bays reserved for one type of vehicle or user group may only be used by that type of vehicle or user group.”

Note the term “Felder” in the German original better conveys the geometric requirements than the term “bays” in the English translation.

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What's the context? What kind of parking? Parking where you live, work, supermarket, on-street parking (blue or white zone).

It's quite a difference if you're dealing with the police or a nosy neighbor.

Police (i.e. legality) is my main concern, particularly e.g. for parking a couple of hours in a blue zone.

Art. 79.6 ordinance on signaling regulations:…1_1961_1961/de

I’m no lawyer. Anyway, my interpretation of the law is that parking spaces have been designed for a vehicle size. If the vehicle is larger, it implies the parking space has not been designed for it. So, look elsewhere for parking.

If I remember well, blue zones only limit the width of the car. There’s no limit to the length. This is source for endless frustration because people sometimes a single car occupies the space of 2 cars by leaving free 2m before the end of blue zone. I have no idea if this person can be fined. But if you park your car in those 2 free meters and part of it is out of the blue zone, there’s a chance you’ll find a fine on the windshield. If the car blocks a tight corner, no matter the wheels are inside the blue zone, there are rules about not blocking intersections.

In theory the entire car must be inside the field. In practice, ZH city police tolerate it if e.g. your bumper is outside while all tires are inside.

But if your tires are on or outside the line you'll probably get fined, or if an already tricky situation is made even more tricky.

I used to be bothered by it, but then I reasoned that perhaps the blue zone was full in front of them, and they parked as close to the car in front as they could, leaving 2m behind them. Then the other cars drove away.

I've only ever had one parking ticket since I moved here in 2002. I must be lucky!

Been there, got the t-shirt. Having to park as best as you can next to a car that has been abandoned at an angle, only to come back and find them gone and you look like the bad person.

There's actually a pretty simple answer to having a car that is too big too fit in a parking zone.

Damn Smart cars.

Carry a tin of blue paint and a brush?