Side job while being full-time employed


I am a B permit holder and I work 100% for one of the companies. I am wondering whether its legal for me to get any side job to earn extra money? Maybe some weekend work, or start some online shop I dunno? Is it possible to be self-employed (or start Gmbh) while doing full-time job for other company?

Is there any law preventing me from doing extra work?


Are you from the EU?

Is there a clause in your contract re this?

Yes. I am from EU and no, there is nothing in my contracts that say I am not allowed to have a side job. I haven't signed any NDAs etc.

Your first obligation is towards your employer. That means you may not steal business from them (even inadvertently) so a side-job is particularly fine if it is a a completely different field of work, because then there can be no accusation, ever, of undermining your current employer.

However, you also may not diminish your own reserves such that you get too tired to deliver properly in your main job. That could happen by overworking. You need rest days.

As examples: It wouldn't be wise to take on a night-nursing job while you have a daytime IT job. On the other hand, I've met people who've found the balance so their main job and the side-job work well together: a building caretaker who has a catering firm for which he takes on jobs only over the weekends a canteen cook during the week who supplements his income as a taxi-driver on Friday and Saturday nights a nurse who sometimes works as a photo model a database expert who buys, slowly repairs and sells used cars a doctor who chooses to work part-time so as to be able to give yoga lessons a photo model who earns well but erratically, so supplements her income as a cashier in a theatre.

On top, the labor law limits the max. number of hours per week. That is linked to what doropfiz mentioned - your ability to perform your main job in a legally compliant and safe way.

For jobs in production, office-based, technical nature or retail, a max. of 45 hours per week. For other jobs, max. of 50 hours per week is allowed.

The second job may not break this rule.

Depending on the type of job, you also need to consider extra hours worked (GLAZ) ... which should not exceed 170 hours / year for the first category of jobs and 140 hours / year in all other jobs.

In practical sense, what happens is that your employer reports the working time (or % of employment) to the social security administration. If you start working in a second job on top, the second employer has to do the same => social security administration will automatically inform both employers if the % of work is not compliant.

The employment % is also stated on your annual salary statement (Lohnausweis) from each employer.