Sink Tap


I need spare parts for my sink tap.

A small plastic junction was keeping the handle together with the rest, and it broke up because it was old.

Seems like it's a quite diffused model in Switzerland, because I've seen it also elsewhere, but no brand/model is written on it.

I attach images.

Please any help to identify brand and model and/or about which shop to go in order to get the spare parts I need?

The design looks like a KWC design, they sell them in many places, including Jumbo. Maybe there are other brands with a similar design though.…ause/p/5866824

Maybe this will help you find the right model, blow-up diagram, and perhaps individual part number for that piece that broke, if it’s available as a spare part.

I would just replace it. You can get cheap ones at Jumbo.

In case it is KWC, OP could send those photos to their customer services and ask for the replacement part. OP, if you can, photograph the broken part, too.

There is a number inside the tap handle L833H which means it is a KWC Domo tap, you can buy parts here at eye watering prices.

I found some more detailed exploded diagrams of various KWC faucets.

As an example, this might be the part


If I were you, I would go to Jumbo or Migros DoIt and ask. It shouldn’t be necessary to replace the entire thing.

Places like Sanitas Troesch also sell spare parts.

If you opt to replace the whole thing, you may find you need some special tools. The first time I did this, the removal of the old one required a special basin wrench, a thick metal rod 40cm long with a claw at the end. A new one required a box spanner.

Can you reach a camera under the sink and see how the old tap is fixed and its water connections ?