Small welding work around Zürich

Has anyone any experience of getting small welding work done around Zurich? My search is just turning up bigger metal construction companies.

I have a sofa with steel square section legs, I want to raise it by ~4cm so need a 4cm piece welded onto each leg, ground flat and polished. A simple enough job, I'd do it myself if there was an equipped workshop I could rent if theres not a small contractor can do it.

I have tried using aftermarket legs but they are not as stable as the originals so I'd rather put the extended original legs back on.

I haven’t had any done myself but maybe a firm that also does repairs may be the answer.

For example, this one (although near Zug) does odd repairs even though it does big stuff too - ( see this page ) including quite small ones so you could ask them.

Many firms have just taken on apprentices after the summer and would probably love these simpler jobs for them.

Or if you have the time and inclination, spend a couple of evenings at those community workshops where you can hire the tools.

Have you considered putting legs over the existing ones?

I did that for one of our units - Hornbach had decent looking brushed stainless square section pipe a bit bigger (internally) than the existing legs, I cut it to length, put it over the existing legs, packed the small gaps with cardboard and put the end plug in, rock solid.

Cheers, saw them but thought they were too big, but that reparturen page, looks much more relevant.

Nope, I didn't, that sounds an interesting idea that would easily be strong enough. I'll look into that, you managed to reuse the end cap?

Dynamo offers a fully equipped workshop for 10CHF per hour:

GZ Hirzenbach also offers a metal workshop with welders:…etallwerkstatt

No the end caps also came from Hornbach to fit the new legs.

Wow, I didn't know that, thanks, I was just there on Weds at a friends gig, I had no idea it was more than a concert venue.