Snowshoe trail in Engelberg?

Hello all!

We would like to do one of the snowshoe trails in Engelberg next Sunday.

Has any of you done any and have a recommendation? They all look nice and I was thinking of this one:

Thank you!

We used to sometimes take the last funiculaire up to Gerschnialp, around five o’clock, then wander over to the Untertruebsee restaurant for a beer, which closed around 7-ish, IIRC. Thence back across to Gerschni and Café Ritz for dinner (with a reservation, of course). Then fully dark descending pretty much down the ski piste at ten or so.

It’s not exactly a snowshoe trail as you’re looking for, but made for a great evening after a full day of skiing. Made easily by the fact that we lived right next to the bottom of the lift station, so no faff going home to change from skis to snowshoes.

We found it quite a magical experience, especially if you could persuade everyone to turn their torches off - astonishing how much reflected light there was even on a moonless night.


Did you go in the end? Would be interested in hearing how it is there. We are mostly active further East.

Well… Funny story… We went to Engelberg and saw no snow so we left and ended up in Samedan… Beauty of the Van .

So am sorry cannot advise on the trail there.