Speed Limit in Gubrist Tunnel Western Exit

Hi, it's me with another speed-limit question

Those of you taking the Zürich Nord section of A1 have likely passed the Gubrist Tunnel, which east-west starts just After Affoltern Junction and ends exactly at the Schieleren exit.

The speed limit inside the tunnel changes between 80 and 100 Km/h, depending probably on some factors such as construction work etc. However, in the past months, just before leaving the tunnel from the west there has been a 60 Km/h speed limit sign installed on the right side wall. I have been confused whether that sign is for all cars leaving the tunnel, or only those taking the exit to go to Schlieren.

I normally err on the caution side(Is that the right expression), but never got a chance to investigate further, and the sign may be temporary after all, with all the construction and orange lines around there.

Does anyone have more information? Any tips apart from being cautious? The next speed sign for those continuing in A1 is 80 Km/h, a few hundred metres ahead.

Many thanks