Stain on from coconut oil on the pavement

Hi folks

My kids brought DIY-bird feeder home and mounted it outside on the parapet. Was all good and dandy until suddenly (still in the winter) came two sunny and quite warm days. The coconut oil melted and went down on neighbours’ pavement. Now they have awful stain there. The pavement is porous, so it took the oil quite effectively.

They tried vinegar, hot water and some other tricks and it didn’t help.
I tried degreaser for bike chains (not dedicated, but helped once on concrete in the cellar), but again no significant effect.

Now, I know it will probably gonna cost me, but I want to pay once and be done with the topic.
Someone with similar experience? Good tips needed! :slight_smile:

If they’re easy to remove can you just turn them over? They’ll be mucky from being upside down in the dirt but probably easier to clean muck and soil than coconut oil.

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You could try this

Will this work on copper stains? I guess copper could be a mineral but …

or cover it all in coconut oil so it looks the same color. :slight_smile:


Or just buy two new concrete slabs. They cost less than chf 10 each or half that if you shop around, easier to match the color if you know the original supplier


You could try sprinkling fullers earth on it to absorb some of the fat.

Shouldn’t liability insurance cover this accidend?

Thanks all, great tips! I was so fixated on removing the stain, that I forgot to think outside of the box. Depending from what the neighbour is willing to try, but I like the idea of turning upside-down, if not - replacing, if not - using the insurance