Steamship Säntis

Is anybody else following the eventuell salvage of the 130 year old steam ship Säntis off Romanshorn that was deliberately sunk in 1933?

The lifting bags have been brought from China and an attempt will be undertaken in April or March to bring her to the surface from over 200 meters after which she will become a museum ship.

This is the largest ship ever to be raised from so deep in Europe and I am looking forward to seeing her.

Lifting with the bags is seen as the riskier way but the other, and probably better, possibility by using a crane ship is simply too expensive.

So my dear bretheren and cisteren from the EF, lets root for the Säntis and hope for some good news instead of the doom and gloom that surrounds us daily.

You know full well that my cistern told you it’s over last week so just leave her out of this, you creep

the bretheren are on speed call and just itching to pay you a visit

I read that they couldn't use a crane ship simply because there isn't one on the Bodensee.

They would have had to either dismantle one and bring it in from the coast or build one locally. That ́s the part where the "too expensive" kicks in.

It would be gentler on the hull though.

I think it was a few years back where they brought up the smokestack and freed it from cables that were laid down when they were searching for a crashed plane and were able to determine that structurally the ship should be sound even after so much time underwater, there is not a lot of oxygen at that depth so rust should not be too much of a problem, however I did read that the Quagga mussel is causing trouble to underwater sites.