Stink Bugs

When we lived in Aargau I didn’t see any of these. But here in Ticino, a totally different story.

We have window screens and due to a minergie standard house we rarely open the windows. Yet these stink bugs somehow manage to find their way inside especially as the weather becomes cooler.

Does anyone else have these?

I found a recent article on what to use against them.


The article is in German. Here is the translation of how to keep stink bugs away.
It’s best to make sure that stink bugs don’t get inside the house in the first place. A vinegar mixture can help: Simply mix water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid in a 4:2:1 ratio and spray on window and door frames. You can also spray the bugs directly with the solution - it won’t harm them, but it will deter them. They also do not like the smell of other strong-smelling essences - such as clove oil or ammonia.

When I find one inside I carefully take it outside. Never squish them or vacuum them as the smell is awful and lingers.

Now is the season. They probably come in as eggs that you can't see.

They are no big deal.


We discovered the other night if you electrocute them with one of those tennis racquet things they don't give off an odour, there was one clinging to the sheers hanging at my bedroom window.

Alternatively, mix 1 part lavender or other strong smelling essential oil with 10 parts water in a spray bottle, then spray some on a clean cloth or kitchen paper and wipe the inside of the window frames and sills with it (works for ants as well). You can also wipe round with a scented tumble drier sheet because they don't like that either.