Sub-tenant and landlord registration address issue

I have sublet my apartment in Kanton Zurich (I have C permit) and as is the case with all sublets with the intention of returning to the same place. My tenant (sub-tenant) needs to register with the same Gemeinde in Kanton Zurich and as part of that they need my address (effectively the landlord). I actually don’t have a fixed current address, and am using the same address as the tenant for my mail. My question is can my tenant give my address as the same address as the sublet flat? I am still registered with the same Gemeinde on the same address.



I guess my specific question is can I be registered and give the same address as the sub-tenant? My mail still goes there and he manages it for me.


Your landlord may have informed the city though if you notified him that you are subletting your apartment and no longer live there.

Thank you for the response. I have formally shared the sublet contract with my landlord (a huge management agency) but I did put in the contract my address as being the same as flat (i.e. the address of my subtenant)

Just another thought and I wonder if anyone has any ideas/views on this. How about getting a P.O. Box and use that as my address and let the sub-tenant to keep the address of the property (he is OK for me to share the address and manage my mail)? I mean when people sublet their entire flat in Switzerland what do they use for their address? Must they de-register from the local Gemeinde or can they keep everything as is and keep their address and registration untouched?

Are you still in Switzerland??

POboxes do not count as an address for your permit.

Probably critical to this round the houses game that is going on....