Swiss Naturalization Language Requirements (Zurich)

Hi Everyone,

I just have a quick question in regards to the language requirement for asking for the swiss nationality, i'm getting conflicting information.

I have been here (Zurich City) for 11 years, a US Citizen.

I got my C Permit after 6 years, with my A2 written/spoken german certificate

Now I want to do the Swiss Citizenship but i'm confused on what I actually need in terms of language certificate for the process, i'm seeing some places that A2 is enough for written/spoken and other places that B1 spoken and A2 written is required.

Anyone have any experience here or point me to the right documents?


Ok I think i found the answer here:…html#169489660

A2 Written
B1 Oral

Minimal requirement for naturalization according Federal law is at least B1 oral, A2 written. Art. 6 BüV. . Cantons can set it higher but not lower. Ex. St. Gallen has B1 oral and written.

If you see lower requirement you might look at permit C/Niederlassungserlaubnis.