Swiss Notary Power of Attorney in Italy

An odd question, hoping that someone has had this experience.

Does anyone know a PoA, signed in front of a Swiss notary, can be used in Italy?

I need/want to buy a house, jointly with my partner... but the planned signing date is VERY close to an event that she cannot move; and cannot travel a month before/after.

Can she grant me PoA at a notary in Switzerland, to sign on her behalf when we do the handover (and compromesso) at Italian notary?

Once I have a notary aligned in Italy, I could ask them directly... but I don't have that yet

It will need an apostille on top of the Swiss notary stamp, which have to get from the Cantons Chancellery where the notary is located. Best if a lawyer from Italy draws up the PoA so it has all the correct wording:ā€¦rili-svizzeri/

If she is an Italian citizen, than she can also get the PoA notarized by the Italian Consulate:ā€¦izi-notarili//

Sadly she's not - but I am, so may drop the consulate a note as I found them VERY helpful...

Indeed get a lawyer or notary from Italy to draw up the PoA.

A client of mine needed a PoA for a matter in Italy and a perfectly valid Swiss PoA got ignored (possibly did not help that the notarization was on the back of the back of the PoA, and I guess the official in charge simply did not turn it over...)

I have one for my wife for dealing with her inheritance stuff in Italy (she's the native speaker but doesn't want to deal with it).

She wrote it by hand, her Ticinese lawyer Oked it, notarized it and got it appostillaed, done.


P.S. Forgot, one of my Italian biker friends, who is also a lawyer, sent me an email with what she should write. I can maybe find it it you want, it in particular involves Italian real estate.

Thanks - I'll get the notary in Italy (once I find one that actually knows what an email address is and how to reply to emails with more than "call us") to draft something.

That way, they cannot reject it.