Switzerland getting more like home

A district heating system is being installed in a village near us.

Last Autumn they dug up the roads through the village to lay the water pipes for distribution.
Now they realised they laid only one pipe, you need two; one for hot water and one for used water return.

The same roads are being dug up again starting today.

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How can such a mistake even get made?!

This post plus the title… :rofl:

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Well, the system was supposed to be in full operation this September but they have not even started building the boiler house.

The Gemeinde is building a new school that is planned to use the district heating so it does not have its own heating.

Probably a key element is the piping connecting the boiler house to the rest of the system but those are not yet laid. These pipes have to cross a road that belongs to the Canton and there are rumours about delays in Cantonal permissions so they are talking about putting the piping overhead which will no doubt be very picturesque.

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