Switzerland turning into Florida?

Or what was your first thought reading that headline?

Mental illness was my first thought. And no, nothing to do with Florida, unless you mean Mar a lago, where insanity and aggressive behaviour have been part of the ambience.

I don’t get the Florida connection?

First thought on reading the headline: Why was he naked when he attacked the woman?

Reading the article the victim and the attacker knew each other and the police had been involved in the past.

My first thought was that they’ll only be a comments section for the story if the attacker was an Auslander.

But no, he was Swiss so no comments needed.

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The post? GROAN.

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You’ll probably find it’s the same for all such news reports while there is an active investigation in order not to prejudice the course of justice, regardless of nationality. News outlets have to be responsible for what appears on their sites. You could probably fill your boots with comments if they have a Twitter feed, if you wish. They don’t have to moderate their content on there.

The homicide rate in Switzerland is low, but not zero.

So, why the Florida comment? Only because it happened close to the place we live?

Otherwise, it’s not zero:

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Was he nekked but for a MAGA hat? That might qualify him for a Florida Man moniker.

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‘Why was he naked’ was my first thought and my second was ‘what the feck does that have to do with Florida’.

There’s occasionally a naked chap in the forest where I take the dog for walk. Maybe it’s more “Switzerland” than “Florida” after all.

So a woman gets stabbed to death and all I read here are stupid comments about nudity and “what if this had been a foreigner” …

Really, people?

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First thing that was shocking apart from the femicide itself was the very young age of the suspect. Mental illness, drugs…who can tell?

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Well, we can look at perpetrators with a criminal record of violence and open processes, and that somehow end up killing people. This is the story from Sion and it’s quite depressive. Dead woman had denounced the guy for harassment and anyway she got killed by this guy.

Too soon, but it would be good look if the new guy had some records.

Is this like a “moral high horse” thing which you like to throw at other people - like me?

Sure, people should be shocked and have sympathy for the deceased woman’s family and friends but quite often that comes later, and can last for days and longer but is not the first thing that springs to peoples’ minds.

It’s not just this forum though. I saw comments on a Instagram story about this and one of the first comments was “I bet it he was a foreigner!” and then a few discussing racism and mental illness but no empathy.

You are the one who made this about the nationality of the murderer. No one else. You.

I know the place where this happened. I know people who live there. It is a similar setting to where we live on the other side of the lake, and to think that someone is murdered there in daylight is a bit disturbing.


That’s the issue, the closeness.

I’m wishing is just not another guy who slipped through the police or justice system filters like the cases I shared above. Now I also remember the crazy one who held people hostage in a train. Also in Vaud and also a known case of harassing a woman and mental illness.

The man attacked other people too. He was heard to cry something like “You’re all in on it!”

It’s quite possibly that this psychosis was triggered by controlled drug use even if mental illness was pre-existing.

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