Tax vouchers not receoved yet

I am filling the tax statement for 2022 a bit late. I've downloaded various documents from Intercative brookers and realozed it is possble to request tax vouchers. I have requested then and received a massage that it takes 3 weeks.

I am not sure whether these vouchers should be entered in tax statement 2022 or wait for next year's statement...

Being limited on time I am not sure if I understand them either. My guess is that I was already taxed and will be taxed again acording to my marginal rate and the vouchers are to give back the initial cut that should be void once I pay the tax as part of the income tax?

Also is there a particular form from IB used to upload to the tax declaration in section "eSteuerauszuege"?

"Bitte verwenden Sie die original PDF-Dateien der eSteuerauszüge Ihrer Bank. Gescannte eSteuerauszüge werden nicht unterstützt."

But I haven't come across a file similar to the one pictured there.

I normally just take screenshots showing the final balance at Dec 31 and any charges/interest paid etc for the whole year then upload as a pdf. Tax office never raised any issues so I assume it is fine.

When you refer to tax vouchers do you mean confirmation of tax paid on any dividends you received? If so, sorry I'm not sure - I avoid assets that pay dividends in my taxable account so I never had to upload anything relating to that.

You can definitely run a report in your IB account (account management > activity statements) that shows all dividends received as well as tax paid...normally the reporting is instantly downloadable. Maybe submit that initially and if the tax office ask for additional details later you can supply what you receive in a few weeks.

It is the first time I had something with dividends though I also prefer to avoid them. I did run the final reports, including the one you mentioned but was not sure if that's enough, thanks.

That's enough, and even more then.

I run a custom one simplifying the content, and just tick the few relevant boxes (mostly around year end state, dividends and WHT tax).

do you know the name of this form? I had to do everything manually last year

This is the name in the online fill in option. But they require it to look like in the picture. If I understand correctly Swiss banks and/or brokers provide it. Could not find anything matching this at Interactive Brokers.

I guess the Swiss forms with the code would be processed automatically, but data from US have to be entered manually.

One more question on the "Wertschriftenverzeichnis" part.

There are 2 possible entries:

Bankkonto hinzufügen

Andere Wertschrift hinzufügen

This is different to the standard bank account number when excess tax should be reimbursed. Is this to enter the bank accounts with amount of money on them or something else?

I never entered bank balances in previous years (only declared total amount of assets elsewhere) and nobody asked for them and can't recall a similar question in previous years nor can find anything in the "Wegleitung"...

In the Wertschriften Verzeichniss you must list all of your worldwide bank accounts (In- und ausländische Guthaben, Konti as it says in the Wegleitung. Konti is the plural of Konto) with end of year balance.

If you have so far report the correct total, than there should be much of an issue. If not, you might use your get out of jail free card and make a voluntarily self declaration. If you do so get clean with everything.