Temporary Import of a Car

I need/want to import a car to CH for a few months… does anyone know if the 25chf for 12 month temporary import thing is only in the first year you are in Switzerland?

Background: I’m getting ready for the next rally, and will buy the car abroad. I want to spend some time prepping it (changing suspension, adding a sump guard, snorkel, etc). The ideal would be that I can have it on my driveway until the rally… the backup would be to rent a garage in Germany and work on it there - but driving 30-40 minutes every time I want to tinker isn’t the most efficient.

My understanding is they’re for temporary residents, or people with vacation/2nd homes in CH - so I don’t think it would be available for us normal residents.

I know of a Swiss resident (because I see the car there all the time) that does park their camper van in their driveway with EU plates for quite some time each time - doesn’t seem to be an issue for them. If they catch you driving it’s an other story probably and the main concern, and I would guess that foreign plates would be more likely to be stopped than CH registered cars.

I would suggest you reach out to the customs office, I remember I had asked them quite a few questions before moving (more than a decade ago), and they were very helpful and quite responsive.

If you want to tinker, driveway still doesn’t really help in my experience. Neighbours, noise, you can’t store anything, you can’t leave something in the middle to resume next day - I ended up with a dedicated space, and while in CH and “close-by” I still have to drive 30-40min to it, and I think that’s the unavoidable reality of such setups.

Are you doing Bamako? I think I’d seen a post about it in the old forum…

Maybe I wasn’t clear :slight_smile: the 25chf thing is the first step of officially importing a car.

So you rock up at the border, pay 25chf, and they give you a form that allows you to drive in CH for a year. That time is meant to be to allow you to do a MFK, pay duties, get plates, etc. Nothing stops you, after 3-6 months, from saying “actually, changed my mind - I won’t import it - cancel it all” (Already did exactly that with the car I had in the UK when I moved here, after 9 months my Swiss car was ready).

That said, I’m not sure if it’s something that is only available the first 12 months you are in CH, or it’s always available…

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Oh, didn’t know that.

When I imported a car it was on customs plates that gave me a month, so I was in a rush to get everything through.

But pretty interesting hack - please update us if you find out.
And again, probably customs is the best place to ask and find out definitively.

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