Tenant attorney representation

Hi.. can anyone recommend a good attorney to represent me in a tenant landlord/reggie dispute for leaving my apartment?

Asloca, they will assist you.


Thank you for your quick response. I am not currently a member of ASLOA but happy to take a membership today! Do you know if they will they help with a current matter?


At the least they can point you in the right direction.


Yes they will.

At least in the German-speaking sister organisation Mieterverband, members get legal advice and representation as may become necessary. For matters that arose after having joined, these services are free; for matters having arisen prior to joining, fees are charged.

Asloca and Mieterverband really are THE experts in providing sensible legal help for tenants. It's well worth joining.

If there is ONE piece of advice worth repeating again and again on EF, for anyone who is a tenant here in CH, is to join Asloca on French side, or Mietverband on German side as soon as contract is signed. It's cheap, and provides invaluable advice, and they have a massive amount of experience and expertise, and know all the tricks.

But a contract is a contract- and not even them can break a contract which has been approved and signed, unless there are compelling reasons.

The other piece of advice, totally unrelated - is to join REGA.

As usual these things may vary depending in the canton.

Here in Neuchâtel you can go and get advice for them before becoming a member and pay the membership fee on the spot at that first appointment. The fee is slightly higher than if you joined beforehand but you get all the services offered by them just the same as any other member irrespective of whether the occurred before or after joining.