The Lionesses

It’s the English forum which bashes the English a lot but being English something to be proud of at the moment is the women’s football World Cup. Looks like we have the best team in the world at the moment ( famous last words ;-) ), andI hope they go on to win it on Sunday.

Sure the constant comparisons to that of the men‘s game causes contrasting opinions but things like this tend to bring a feel good factor which is always a good thing and takes attention away from the main topics of the world we currently live in.

Just watch the BBC News tonight and papers tomorrow.

So come on England!!

A bit of a random comment on that: I actually enjoyed watching women football more than the men. It's less drama, less acting and more "gaming". In fact, once you adjust to the slightly slower speed of the action, womens football has rekindled my love for the sport and I'd gladly watch it after the world cup. Go girls and hopefully the men take a lesson!

Hop España

Nothing like a bit of banter ;-) I see the Spanish have issues in the camp with the players accusing the coach of causing stress, which is a good sign for England.

And to gaburko: you‘re definitely not alone with those opinions but following men’s football as I do, it’s no way for me. And to be fair the ladies do engage in theatrics. It’s just not as aggressive as the men. As seen by the stamping and some fouls taken for the team.

I think they're supposed to be called women these days.