Toilet waterjet

We would like to have some waterjet for the toilet at our home (rented not owned), similar to this for example:…idets-17346002

This one is pretty expensive, so maybe something like that:…rsaving-120-cm

but not sure how to get water supply properly.

So, any recommendations for a good creative plumber that could get something done neatly (as it’s a rented apartment)?


A plumber doing anything will cost you more than the CHF 489 Galaxus price.

Your idea will probably require a one-way valve too if the spray head can reach the WC bowl.

Shop around for the Cama, you will find cheaper offers.

Tom is correct about plumber costs when the hourly rate for plumbers here is higher than what major Swiss banks pay their freelance IT specialists; which helps explain the bank problems

Unless you have an external cistern, this will be a difficult and expensive job. You might also need to get permission from your landlord.

A very inexpensive alternative:…flege-22130200


My husband installed by himself one from your second link.
In toilet downstairs is connected directly to tap at the sink (toilet just side to the sink . Exactly like on this link…/dp/B01E4H7DTA

Second bathroom he connected it to water supply inside the tank for flushing toilet. He had to buy a velve that gives water to 2 connections. Works great, but unfortunately there is just cold water.

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Buy used for 416.65!


Take a feed from the cistern supply, but it'll be cold! You could get an adapter and fit it to a sink or bath tap for warm water.

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Amazon also have such things

My sister had 3 installed in her bathrooms in Scotland when she did a full renovation of the place. She lived in Saudi Arabia for 9 years and her partner is Saudi, they're standard in loos there.

If you have basic skills that will help you with such installation without the involvement of a plumber, option number two is a much better, more advantageous, and also more practical solution. There are also special adapters and adapters that will allow you to connect them to the tap and use hot water.