Traveling to New Zealand

so, I am going down under with a friend.

we will be 5 days in New Zealand after new years evening.

we will be staying in Auckland and doing daily trips probably. if needed, driving but friend would like more for us to use tours option.

any recommendations for tours companies / places to visit?


Never been there, so have a bump! Surely some of our members have recommendations.

Sounds great, but only five days.

January - School holidays, Aucklanders are down at the beach.

Where are you staying? - it makes a difference as traffic is often a problem.

On the north shore I would recommend the west coast beaches - be careful of the rips if swimming - Piha, Karekare, Bethells.

The Waitakere ranges are great for bush walks

On the eastern side, Long Bay park

The east coast bays are pretty, Takapuna, Castor bay amongst others.

Devonport is fun, so is St Heliers on the other side. Downtown Auckland is good for eating out, walking around.

we will be three weeks before in Australia so this is more - since we are there, let's see it.

I know it is not enough even for the one island, but still, I want to make the most of it.

thanks for recommendations!

still didn't decide. but we would like to stay in Auckland.

any recommendations?

Don’t, stay in Christchurch. Much more civilised.

I fly to Auckland because I have relatives there. Otherwise it is also not my destination of choice. For 5 days I would do a road trip. Taupo, Rotorua, Coromandel. You see more and are not so stuck in traffic. But this is a busy time, probably necessary to book accommodation in advance.

More day trips out of Auckland: there are several wineries around and the best hot baths are in Miranda.…-renee-coulter