Type 1 Diabetes New Treatments

UCSF/Duke based stem-cell therapy to grow islets implanted in arm. Clinical trials started.

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Allow me to express some scepticism on this press release. Why does it have Colombian TLD (.co)?

And what are these microsensors they talk about?

Islet transplants have been talked about for at least 50 years and there is neither the will, nor the objective, of big pharma to cure diabetes. It’s too much like shooting themselves in the foot.

I remain hopeful but I am less confident now than I was when diagnosed at 18, that there will be a cure in my lifetime.

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I can understand your scepticism. The “co.” is a top-level (higher-cost) domain name for companies, nothing to do with Columbia. The sensors come from the lab of Tuan Vo-Dinh at Duke U. The founder grew up in Silicon Valley, and the advisors are well-known SV folk. The cells are different in the respect that they are engineered from stem cells, using CRISPR to edit the cells. Both this editing and the sensors have never been used in this setting. Nor has putting them in the arm instead of the liver. I have no dog in this fight; just like to keep abreast of medical happenings in the place I was in a prior life. Just for example, I got to work on one of the first nicotine patches for smoking cessation…it was a 1984 discovery that took many years to reach the market.

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