UK v EU passport pros and cons

Hey, I left Zurich to go back home to UK in 2015. Now I am in the interview process for a senior tech role in Zug.

I haven't been asked for nationality details but I have both UK and EU passports. If offered and accepted I'll need to register via either the EU or non-EU routes. I understand that if I use non-EU then we would be obligated to reside in Zug. That's not a showstopper but I'd rather avoid a needless constraint.

At time of exit in 2015 I couldn't get my pension (with UBS) out as I was leaving to an EU country (UK at the time). I still haven't got round to getting it to UK . I'm thinking if I do end up in Zug but on EU passport I'm going to have the same headache to recover my own retirement savings.

If you had a choice, at this time, to work ing Switzerland again, would you enter on an EU or a UK passport?

EU definitely. If you don’t then said employer will have to go through the whole hassle of proving why they should be allowed to hire you rather than any Swiss/EU national who could do the job.…zulassung.html

You will get a permit with an EU passpirt. You could get a permit with a UK passport.

Your employer will have to do a lot more work and spend more money to get you a permit with a UK passport.

Your non-EU permit could be tied to your employer meaning you can’t change jobs easily.

Thank you very much both, especially so super-fast !! Really grateful.

"Your non-EU permit could be tied to your employer meaning you can’t change jobs easily." - Ouch, that's a key one. Thanks.

About the cost/hassle for employer, I'm not majorly concerned about that as it is executive level so they are probably OK with additional paperwork.

OK, then I'll look in to how to get pension assets out (if possible) on an "EU-passported B permit". It would sting to have the same thing again.

Don’t be so certain. If they are reluctant, they may not do a good job. And there are quotas both for non-EU and for UK permits. While these haven’t been an issue recently, you can’t depend on it. There are no quotas for EU permits, yet.

There are no quotas for EU permits, full stop. No yets involved.

You have no right to take up an position of employment in the EU/EEA/CH with the exception of Ireland and a couple of the other CTA countries on a UK passport. And while the company may be willing to do the paperwork that does not mean your permit will be approved. Use your EU passport.

You can see the future? The most popular political party in CH would love to see quotas. Never say never.

No but the way you phrased it implied an imminent change which is not the case. Introducing quotas and abolishing free movement of people for EU/EFTA citizens is not even on the table in newest EU-Switzerland negotiations, but maybe you have a crystal ball and a direct hotline to the federal council and can tell us what will happen next

No, I can’t see the future.

Register with your EU passport (& let your employer know now that you have one). Absolutely a no brainer, EU is better than UK in every sense in this situation.

Good. In that case say that, as it is the right thing to do. You are not either, you are both.

No but Ido understand the the principles of the single market and the treaties of Rome. And the only way quotas for EU/EFTA citizens could happen is if Switzerland was to tear up all of their European trade agreements and that simply is not going to happen.

And furthermore popularism politics will never dominate Swiss or Irish politics because the nature of their constitutions will always act as a back stop. And of course voters are conditioned very differently because they are required to make strategic and tactical decisions about their country and that means that trying to sell the usual old guff to large blocks of the voters will not fly.

The passport doesn't matter - it's whether you are leaving to a non-EU country.

Switzerland actually voted to end free movement of people…ion_initiative

Ultimately it’s an arbitrary question, as soon as you inform anyone here that you are duel national then you get the rights of an EU Citizen. Would just mean more paperwork.

And as is usual, with the SVP when it came down to it they had no plan on how to do it so it was ignored and they never came back with a follow up referendum because unlike you they knew dam well it would never fly.

Off topic, but there is one (1) EU country with quotas: Croatia, an EU member since July 2013.
“The Federal Council has activated the safeguard clause with effect from 1 January 2023. Croatian nationals will now require a quota permit if they wish to take up gainful employment in Switzerland after this date. Both the short-term L permit and the B residence permit for Croatian nationals are subject to quotas from 1 January 2023.”

So, HomeAgain, unless your EU passport is Croatian, you are set.

I hope duel nationals are barred entry to Switzerland. On the other hand, dual citizens are here as dual citizens.

Residing in a country with a social security agreement with Switzerland ( there are also non-EU countries ). And if it matters, withholding one citizenship would be social security fraud. Also note, that one can have citizenship w/o having the physical passport.

Also a UK citizens profits from easier access to permit C. If one is from an EU country w/o immigration agreement with Switzerland, it would be foolish do not state both citizenship (plus all the other troubles which might arise later because one citizenship was withheld).