USB c wall socket recommendations

The official Feller branded ones are eye-wateringly expensive…ckets-13747516

Anyone with experience with something cheaper?

Hager are more expensive!

Something cheaper would be two wall plates side by side - one with your USB-c sockets and the other with the T13 sockets. That's if you can find the USB plate with the same Feller-style footprint.

For the Feller one that’s actually a good price - I normally use Elektrokiste and it’s rare for them to not be the cheapest, but your Galaxus option is 10% less.

I prefer to replace the single socket with…ckets-13380797 and then use a normal USB charger, since that’s certainly going to last less than the 30+ years I’d expect for a socket.

Hager look pretty good with high power PD

be aware of the very low power of the USB connections.

Galaxus is not providing the datas (power) for the 2*USB-C of your link

Better having an external charger.

3A total shared between the two sockets. 1 x 3000 mA or 2 x 1500 mA

Yes, but plugging a USB cable directly into a wall socket is nice, and keeps the T13 mains socket free.

But you're paying for that convenience. The price may seem high but most Feller wall sockets are eye-wateringly expensive.

I agree. And you can unplug it and take it with you when you travel.

Have been pondering this evolution in our sockets since C is the de facto standard for near future and cable management in general is cumbersome

But not sure the clutter is dramatically improved, even if marginally improved in terms of aesthetics. Kids and their growing array of devices will still ultimately demand more options to charge so perhaps wireless charging stations will become most convenient and streamlined

Well, maybe. But the EU has pretty well killed innovation with their mandate the every charger must be USB C.

You don't think it was the pragmatic approach considering how flooded the market has become with multiple USB connections? The e-waste alone from early gen USB is madness

Plus as I understand it the EU commission isn't pushing this mandate to stifle wireless charging innovation but rather to answer the call of the biggest complaint consumers had which was related to lack of uniformity on chargers

I think it's a smart approach, already having forced apple to comply which never made sense owing to their secret garden philosophy

I also don't think this precludes updating to a more advanced standard in the future

Possibly - although look at Thunderbolt, same connector and compatible but different protocol.

This sort of thing, where we have a shared standard without waste could also work for new ports. Innovation can still apply, but within the framework.

And Lighting isn't innovative now, even though it was ten years ago. If a company comes up with something innovative vs USB C then of course it should be considered.

Why would anyone waste their money developing something better? The EU has decided, it’s USB C.

Yes, but then Apple would have to collaborate and share information for the benefit of everyone, instead of locking their willing fanboys into their eco-system and milking them for all their worth.

Brazilian and Swiss sockets are pretty identical, you may have better luck on Aliexpress looking for a brazilian socket

I have to say that they have done their due diligence then.

USB-C is a lot more robust and easier to use than previous USB socket versions.

Who said anything about Apple? Innovation by all producers is now frozen. There will never be a USB D.

maybe there is no need for that and the future is wireless?

That's rubbish.

There are many products which had fixed standards, and those standards are now defunct, replaced with newer ones - requiring new products.

Car emissions for one.

Usually such standards are developed by industry. This one comes directly from the politicians.