Vacation in Croatia with dog

Has anyone been to Croatia on holiday with their dog?

We’ve flown many times with our dog(s) in the past, long/short haul and have had no problem finding the right information as to what documents were necessary. But, with Croatia I am not exactly sure, so wondered if anyone has flown to Croatia for holiday with their dog?
Having looked at this official website, I am not a 100% sure if the Swiss pet passport is accepted, or if we need to get a health certificate? Also, while not mentioned on this website, on another travel related site it said you need proof of ringworm treatment, but is that really mandatory? When we emailed the consulate for clarification, they simply replied with their official websites (which we already had looked at).

We’ve flown to Amsterdam, Rome, Bari etc really easily in the past with our current dog, with just his Swiss pet passport (all shots, rabies etc up to date) and initially thought it would be the same for Croatia as it’s EU, but now not 100% confident. Does any of you know? Thanks!

Ps. He’s tiny so flying in-cabin with us.

Check with the Croatian embassy for info.

Googling brought us to Croatia's official website for Veterinary and Food Administration and there they had their consulate email for contact. So, as I wrote, we sent an email to the consulate and all they did was send us their official links, which we already have.

Unfortunately they were not helpful so was hoping someone had perhaps gone on vacation with their dog to Croatia and could share experiences...

Well, that’s a nuisance as the Swiss veterinary website tool also tells you to contact the Croatian embassy for info. It tells you what you need to do for re-entering Switzerland, but not for entering Croatia.

Yes exactly...

Problem is, Croatia has only just joined the EU- so perhaps not everything is fixed.

How about driving- it's not far.

10 years ago is hardly “only just”.

We were in Croatia last October and we were told by our guides that Croatia would fully join the EU on 1st of Jan 2023- they were very worried about joining the Euro and prices going up. So the process has taken 10 years, but only recently fully implemented.

It’s EU, so same things apply.

Also check here

Just to set things straight: Croatia joined the EU ("fully" - not sure what that means) in 2013. And then joined the Schengen zone in January 2023, also introduced the Euro in January 2023.

But there are still some limits in place regarding working permits, most notably in Switzerland (which is not a member of the EU), so in some respects Croatia is still not "fully" EU...

I'm afraid I have no idea how this affects traveling with a dog though.

Here is the Official information

On a separate note, we drove through Croatia with our dog just a week ago but there was no passport control whatsoever. I guess due to Schengen. He had for our dog only its swiss passport.

Hope this helps.

We drove to Croatia with 2x dogs last summer; and drive through Croatia at least twice a year.

Typically there was a cursory border check of our passports; but they never care in the slightest about the dogs. The last time, they didn't even check out passports.

Beatuiful drive with stop in or near Verona, would be my choice too.

That was only for Euro zone and Schengen.


No doubt it's beautiful but 12 hours drive is a bit much for me and our flights are already booked.

Thank you all! We had found this official link too and while it says EU, it doesn't mention specifically about Schengen and as they only just switched to Euros this year, I also was not sure how much in line they were with travelling with pets within EU.

But...I got my answer. I called the Consulate here, who did not know and gave me the number for their Ministry of Agriculture. Once I called them, I was given another number - and then again another number but third time's a charm! The last guy I spoke to said they accept Swiss pet passports and no further health certificate or ring worm treatment needed Just in case anyone needs the number in the future: +385 1 6443 868

We just wanted to be 100% sure as airports are stricter than when you enter by road.

Fair enough. This is what we plan to do next year with doggie, with a couple of stops on the way, and on way back again. Our rescue could not travel in cabin- and her once in a lifetime very stressful flight from Djerba to here will never ever be repeated again.

Oh I understand, and of course as a dog owner, their well being is most important Thankfully none of my dogs ever showed any signs of stress on flights, trains, boat, car - they were and our current dog is our best travel companion and we only book places where he can come with and only leave him with friends when our holiday requires a long haul flight.

Yes, of course. Ours would not fit in my handbag and she has suffered massive trauma. We are so so used to going back and forth to UK, Italy, France, etc- we love those long journeys with discovery stops.

Enjoy and have tons of fun. We went to Croatia last year on a guided tour, flight + coach- and absolutely loved it (before she arrived). Next year we will aim for Istria in the north, with her.

Thanks Jackie Last time I was in Croatia is over a decade ago but it was the most amazing sailing trip I still remember fondly. I hadn't heard of Istria but it looks beautiful!