Validate marriage in Switzerland

Good evening,

I am Spanish working in Switzerland with permit B. My wife is Russian living in Russia and we have married in Russia. Is possible to validate this marriage in Switzerland and apply for a visa for her so that we can stay together in Switzerland? If yes, how long would this process take approximately?

Thank you in advance

I would expect that you first need to do so in your own country.


But doing it in my country only allows her to stay in Shengen area. I think she could only remain in Switzerland for 3 months.

In which canton do you live?

Here, for example, is the procedure for Canton Zurich, including a list of the steps and documents required for persons with a B-permit who are applying for their non-EU spouse from abroad to join them in Switzerland.…eantragen.html

You don't need to validate the marriage - it should be valid. Have you told your locality that you are married? You need to, if you've changed your marital status; they'll ask for your marriage certificate, possibly with a translation and apostille. Then you apply for family reunification for her (where you have to show that you have the needed funds to support her and a suitable apartment).

" Getting married abroad
If you live in Switzerland, but decide to get married abroad, you must follow a specific procedure. In particular, you must:

Ask the civil register office at the place where you want to get married which documents you need to bring from Switzerland.
Inform the Swiss embassy/consulate in the foreign country concerned that you intend to get married there.
Ask the authority responsible for migration in your canton of residence or the Swiss embassy or consulate abroad about the conditions of entry and residence in Switzerland that will apply to your future spouse if they are not Swiss and do not already live in Switzerland."

" Recognition of marriage in Switzerland
If either you or your spouse are Swiss, you must send the documents received at the end of the ceremony abroad to the Swiss embassy or consulate in the country concerned, which will forward them to the civil status office in your commune of origin.

If you or your spouse are not Swiss, additional documents are generally required. Ask the Swiss representation in the country in which you wish to get married in good time about the documents that are needed.

If neither you nor your spouse are Swiss, you should contact the migration authority in your canton of residence, which is responsible for the procedure for recognising your marriage."…tting-married/

You will also need at some point to apply for a family reunification permit for her so you will need to show you can support her financially and that your accommodation is big enough for both of you.

Read here what documents you need for a marriage concluded in Russia:…nerschaft.html

Read here what documents you might as a Spanish citizen ():…nerschaft.html

As far as I know, the Embassy step - and all this info found on the internet - is only necessary to update the civil status for Swiss citizens (or those with a swiss civil registry entry, eg people born in Switzerland or people with a child born in Switzerland). For two foreigners this is not necessary.

If two foreigners (eg say both living in Switzerland) get married abroad , the Swiss civil registry or the embassy don't need to know about it . The town needs to be told , and they will update the necessary cantonal info (eg, the marriage matters for permits, if one of the weds is EU and the other non-EU, the second will get EU rights after marriage). Equally it is necessary in order to get a visa for the spouse to move to Switzerland.

At a minimum you will need a copy of the marriage certificate with an apostille from the country of marriage, and a translation. You will need to check with your town hall what are the acceptable translations for the canton you live (eg if it has to be done in Switzerland or your country of marriage, some countries provide ‘official’ ie gov issued translations. Sometimes also a translation in English is acceptable). Then you need to look at the procedure for bringing a spouse as others have said.

This matches what I know as well. If you don't have an Infostar entry (are not Swiss, not married to/divorced from a Swiss person, and have not had a child/adopted a child in Switzerland) you don't have to - can't - inform the civil registry office. Your locality needs to know because your civil status has changed and it has tax implications.