Verkaufsdokumentation before seeing the apartment

I reached out to the company selling an apartment. They replied with email saying many people are interested, and I should sign Verkaufsdokumentation (enclosed) before they can organize viewing of the apartment.

Is this a normal practice?

Can I be sure they won't claim I agreed to purchase the apartment because the document seems to me like an agreement to purchase (it has all my details, price breakdown, signatures).

Anzahlung (unverzinslich) bei Reservation bzw. Kaufzusage 30'000.00

Sounds like that's exactly what you are doing by signing!


are you sure it is the Verkaufdokumentation and not the Reservationsvereinbarung they want you to sign?

Verkaufsdokumentation is normally the fancy brochure with all the infos about the property, it also does not need to have the exact square meters or the exact floor plan in it.

The reservationsvereinbarung one normally only signs after the viewing and agrees to a deposit of anywhere between 20k to 50k (anything more, regardless of the selling price is a rip off and will just be sitting money, meaning you dont have access to it for investments etc like if it were on your personal account)

Is it a scam? Are they telling you that you need to pay to view it before others for example?

Any real estate contract, even a reservation or pre-contract, is only binding when concluded at a public notary.…tion-anzahlung

From this snippet alone it sounds like, if you are interested, after the viewing, you have to put down CHF 30k to make a reservation.

Note that you're usually providing unsecured credit, it'll get used as liquidity. If the developer were to go bust, which isn't exactly unheard of especially in the construction sector, the money is probably lost. "Trau, schau, wem" aka caveat emptor.

Also, you want to make sure the cost is predetermined (and at least roughly calculable by you the buyer) in case you change your mind and want to get out of the contract.

By the way you describe it... it seems scam.

It is only normal to put down a deposit if the vendor sees you as the preferred purchaser is prepared to sell you the property (exclusive reservation until the sales contract can be signed). Anything before that is risky and downright unnecessary.

At the "interested" stage, it is normal that you provide a written statement from your bank that you can finance the purchase. This ensures the vendor is not wasting time with tyre kickers.