Weird notice received per post, probably about refugees

I live in Zurich in a multi-apartment building, and as far as I can tell everyone received a weird printed notice in their mailbox. I don't know if it's just us or neighbouring buildings as well. It looks like a private initiative of some individidual, probably some groaning against refugees, but I cannot fully grasp the meaning. Can you help to clarify?

It seems to be a copy of a private letter sent by the "Sozialberatung" to some Mr Mahmud (fantasy name) living somewhere in Zurich, probably obtained without his consent, from last month. The letter states something like: "Dear Mr Mahmud, during one of our controls we noticed the following incoming transactions on your account". Follows a list of 15 or so entries in the form [date-name-amount]. Dates range from January to February 2023, names are all foreign-sounding, amounts range from 10 to 125 CHF with an average of roughly 50.

Follows a boldfaced warning, like "please send us the full name of all the people who sent you this money, together with signature and copy of ID, otherwise we will take back the money". Before making copies, the anonymous mailer wrote by hand "WIRTSCHAFT FLÜCHTLING" on the paper.

What is this supposed to mean? Is this some ranting about refugees getting undeclared money? What for? And anyway it doesn't look like a lot of money to be angry about. Am I missing something?

Just to be clear, I am begging you to not turn this into a pro VS against refugees, I would just like to understand what's the meaning of this.

You perfectly summarized the issue, and got the meaning.

"WIRTSCHAFT FLÜCHTLING" approximately: economic migrant (possibly written by another migrant)

The Sozialberatung is a free service to help poor people. They dont do "controls", they help people in debt with advice how to deal with it. They'd never make a letter like that... it's a fake.

It's most likely some sort of hate mail anger porn... written by a not so smart person. I know, because "Wirtschaftsflüchtling" is spelled with an "s" in the middle and without the space...

If you are on social, you may well have to explain where money coming into your account is coming from. You're allowed to earn a certain amount on top of the social payments (in BL anyway!).

Thank you for wanting to understand, and in particular for this part of your post:

The young would go for cyberbullying. Hate via paper is for another generation. So, just look with suspicion at your elder neighbors and see who gets nervous

That’s perfectly normal but why would everyone in the neighbourhood need to know about it?

I assume it’s somebody stirring up trouble.

Bin it...

Recycle it. It's paper

Wow, I hoped there were some other, subtler meaning I didn’t catch. If so, that’s… sad… probably someone with too much time and too much social media addiction

I doubt it’s from another refugee or from a kid, I don’t see them printing many paper copies and putting them on mailboxes. Probably some older, low-education person. And I have my own suspicions

Well, thanks anyway, in the recycle bin it goes

Yes, but the letter is allegedly from the "Sozialberatung"... thats not the same guys as the ones handing out the money and potentially controlling the bank account. Which was my point why it's fake. The person who forged it just picked an official sounding name with "sozial" in it without actually understanding how welfare works in Switzerland.