what is process to change insurance firm after registration of car at traffic control

what is process to change insurance firm after registration of car at traffic control?

Business day 1

my car insurance co. made a mistake in information sent to the traffic control agency. So had to call insurance while at traffic control for correction, changes were made and car registration complete, with insurer name on grey registration card. The insurance has two cars one plate. I was told the insurance offer would be sent same day. business day 6 still no offer received, I message agent in morning and get offer in app just before closing same day (no message from agent that it was in app). The offer was topped up /supersized. Early morning business day 7, I called insurer, was told he would call me back. Instead of calling he texted me the offer was already in app. No call. I then sent an email with all the input changes to the contract (deductible levels and est. kilometers used) length of contract to yearly not 3 years. I get a call late afternoon, we discuss by end of day new offer is sent. I am hopeful. However the deductibles are still wrong.

I have not signed offer contract.

I would like to go to another insurance agency because of the difficulties to get a offer that is correct and timely.

what is process to change insurance firm after registration of car at traffic control?

Today is 8 days since car registration.

I was told it costs 30chf to change with traffic control

am i stuck with insurance or can i go to someone else, I have emailed with this question and asked on the phone. no email answer, and agent did not answer on phone

Does it make a difference if I de register the 2nd car as I am planning to give away and not drive til then.

if anyone has knowledge, I would be grateful

I have been in the weeds for over a week.

thanks in advance

You have 14 days to cancel after signing the contract (“cooling off period”).


fyi I just found this
Do you want to change your insurance ? First, find out about the notice period of your current motor vehicle insurance.

What you need to know: In the event of a loss, you can cancel your insurance at any time.

As soon as you have received confirmation of cancellation, request a new offer from the insurance company of your choice and conclude the motor vehicle insurance.
The new insurance certificate is sent to the responsible Road Traffic Office. Then go to the Road Traffic Office with the original of your registration document or send it by mail. You will receive a current document with the new insurance company by return.


Do I understand correctly, if I get a new insurance then the Road Traffic Office has a fee to re-write the registration?

Of course, this is Switzerland.

15CHF per vehicle in Zurich.

Yes, as it lists your insurance company.