What is the proper way to ask the process/status of tax refund?

Is there a way to ask the tax office about the status or details of my tax refund process, e.g. writing email?

Context: I left Switzerland permanently and hire a tax agent to do the tax refund for me. The tax agent completely isolates me out of the refund process (the contact email/address/refund account all were filled in with the agent's own detail) and I have no visibility into the refund process (not even know whether the refund already happens).

Thanks for your info in advance.

Call the town office. Assume its Horgen.

You can also send them an email.

What I did was write to the tax office (by email) requesting a statement of account for all open tax years.

Then you can ask for a refund if you are due. The tax office actually refused to issue a refund saying that later tax years were still open, so I had to push them to finish it so that they could calculate a final tax payment and then issue the refund.