Where to find brown sugar in Switzerland?

Just asking the inevitable question, and hopefully generate more future traffic to the new site.

Personally I gave up on brown sugar, too much of a hassle to look for it or order online.

I now use ˋHappy Harvest´ brand Demerara Rohzucker (raw sugar) sold at Aldi, it‘s comparable to light brown sugar.

Happy baking!

I found REAL brown sugar in Switzerland and I have proof! I’ve been buying my brown sugar at the Asian ingredients market in Morges. It’s hard to see from the photo but there is molasses in there.

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I tend to use Jaggery instead of brown sugar. It’s healthier and easy to get at Indian grocery stores.

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We use the local coop Jacutinga, easy to get.

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I just recently found a jar of this (blackstrap molasses) hidden behind some other stuff in my pantry.

I must have bought it years ago, when i needed some brown sugar but couldnt find it. IIRC I bought it at the local pharmacy…

To make your own brown sugar:

Light brown sugar: add 1tsp molasses to 1c granulated sugar.

Dark brown sugar: add 1tbsp plus 1tsp molasses to 1c granulated sugar.

Be sure to use real molasses (such as in the above link), and not the Birnemelasse (concentrated pear syrup) sold in most CH food stores.

You can buy it on Britshop.ch


I’ve been buying “Heitang” ( Taiwanese Brown Sugar) in the asian markets now for years.

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Out of curiosity…what’s so special about the Taiwanese brown sugar? I know nothing about it. Nice to see this thread resurrected btw, I remember I found it incredibly precious and first world problem back on EF. :slight_smile: I thought “only the Brits…”… :sweat_smile: (hope you won’t take it very personally)

I know nothing at all about Taiwanese brown sugar either but I’m interested to find out.

It’s actually mostly Americans who are craving ‘proper’ brown sugar, not so much us Brits.

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I use it a lot. I guess it depends on what you cook.

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Yes, me too. I guess it’s the same thing as me not finding proper “feta” cheese.

Is it better for baking for instance?

Jim’s has four types. Jim’s

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So do I but it’s the Americans who are most vocal in their searches for it which is the point I was trying to make.


It has more flavour than demerara sugar because of the molasses content and I use in baking (fruit cakes), steamed puddings, fudge and sometimes in marinades/rubs.

It’s not something I use everyday but enough times that I always have some in the cupboard.


Yes, I agree that brown sugar is much better in some recipes (apple pie is one of them btw). Not always though, it just changes the desired outcome in many recipes I can think of. I also use brown sugar for many years already. There was a time when I couldn’t distinguish between different assortments, well - apart from “granularity” or texture, and thought any of them can do. I mean… I am still an uneducated peasant, but try to change some things a bit. :slight_smile:
Edit: you meant Taiwanese sugar now, right?

When I talk about brown sugar, I mean soft brown sugar, which seems impossible to find in supermarkets here. I can find the non-white sugar that’s granulated, but it’s not what I think of as “brown sugar”. I see this type of sugar in most American baking recipes.

I have a preference for dark brown sugar, which has a higher molasses content. I use it all the time in my baking, and I tend to bring it over from the USA in 2lb bags. @Bowlie thanks for the link to Jim’s.

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Demerara sugar is most often sold here - granulated and just a bit nicer than white sugar. - good for creme brulee.

Brown sugar. Can be light or dark brown. It is soft in texture.

Muscavado. A richer brown sugar.

From the Billingtons website: Excellent in rich dark chocolate cakes, fruit cakes and indulgent squidgy brownies. Also adds richness and depth of flavour to marinades.

This is the British meaning of brown sugar in cooking. US people may have other ideas.

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They have a nice and cheap Demerara at Aldi, but I think I have seen the other two types at Coop (not the same brand, mind, and I am not sure you can usually find them and is not something sold less regularly). I guess you can find those at Globus anyway, probably quite expensive though.