Why is this house so cheap?

There’s a nice new house for sale in Bellinzona Buy a 6 rooms single house in Bellinzona - Flatfox

I remember seeing the ad around June but I thought that either it’s a mistake or it’ll be gone in a matter of days. Seriously, a 20 years old house at a price of a flat in that region, so what’s the catch?

I’ll ask about it directly, but maybe someone can save my time by telling me what I’m missing? The only thing I can think of would be a particularly bad neighborhood that makes living there anything but perfect.

It's a fake ad. Go to the website of the agency that's supposed to be offering it. They seem to have no listings at all and the only contact number is a mobile.

You won't find a house that size for that price in Glarus, not to mention Bellinzona.

Ah yes, scammers, trying to harvest personal details, or maybe even steal some money if they manage to convince someone to pay for reservation, etc

Many thanks!

Its obviously fake. Like, so obviously fake that I don't understand how you couldn't figure it out. A dream-like 6 room 160m2 with 700m2 of land... for less than 300k? In Switzerland?

No wonder scammers exist.

The house photo is an Adobe stock image for a start!

Why not write them that you are in Bellinzona on Tuesday and would like to have a look at the house?

They'll write back that in order to secure the sale you'll need to make an immediate CHF 3000 deposit or something to that effect.

There are some gorgeous houses in rural Switzerland for very little money. Camp in the garden and renovate them yourselves at weekends! Not that difficult really!

Obviously the difficult part is to find them. I guess many of them are not listed on the main property websites.

But sure, Jura is a good example of affordable houses.

Gotta love the floor plans. It's like they decided to use their great grandfather's drawing of his floor plans at the last minute. Low tech at its best.

I wouldn’t buy that place for 300K in Bellinzona. 600K for something like that round there would be clearly OTT don’t you agree?

A small detached place in Bellinzona district still starts from just over 100K. This one comes on a 4000m2 plot. Quite a little bargain!!! https://www.comparis.ch/immobilien/m…/show/29457303
That advert could be someone selling a house themselves, a first project in real estate, for a relative etc.