Work flexibility and fragmentation


how fragmented and flexible a job can be in Switzerland?

In my case I have to deal with a large number of customers and despite during the recruiting phase I was told that it was possible to work from time to time during weekends and after hours it turns out that the work is a bit more fragmented than expected.

That means that several customers might ask me to work for a short time (simple tasks of 5-10 minutes) during the weekend including Saturday and Sundays. The only positive note is that I can do that from home (ICT job).

For example, next Saturday I have two mini activities at 10AM and 3PM that totally break my day. Yes , Saturday gets payed 25% more but it is not really we are talking about 30 min+25%!

At the moment it is not so often but if somebody is going to leave the team it can easily go out of control

I googled a bit and apparently there is not much protection against such fragmentation from an empoyee perspective.

Hi, well if you can not do to much about it, at least log more "time" for your overtime during the weekends ... 25 % extra is not that much ... get "sick" more often --> stay toxic and good luck

Working on Saturdays is fine here, as long as the hours worked are tracked and counted in your weekly time and attendance data.

Working on Sunday is a different topic altogether as it requires extra approvals and replacement time off on other dates -…-and-at-night/

If the tasks are so quick is it possible to negotiate with the customer to process them during the week? Otherwise maybe some automation could action them at the weekend without you needing to be involved?

Another option to pursue might be the maximum allowable number of working days per week of 5.5. Also I think you need at least 11 hours break each day e.g. - - maybe check these?

thanks for the information.
More or less I found the same information.
In My case work on Sunday is allowed, so it becomes more complicated.
Regarding the 11 hours, it can be reduced to 8 , once per week:


I believe work fragmentation can also be reduced by the following rule (in my case work on Sunday is allowed so I am not sure this can be used):

ref: see previous ref above.

But now that I think about it… … 2 micro tasks on saturay, say 10 AM and 2PM on Saturday are PROBABLY considered as a 2 different shifts. If my assumption is correct, that means I need either 11 or 8 hours between one micro task and another. I probably have to check that with HR. This staff is complicated.

If that is true, a solution could be to aggregate the two activities in a single long shift so that would make more sense. In that case I suppose my company could pretend me to effectively work during that longer time frame… but then the overtime limit comes into play…wow. It is a labyrinth.

Interesting .

It's definitely a complicated situation. If I was in your position I would get independent advice from an employment law expert before speaking to HR, then try to compromise with management to transition the work to a more reasonable timeframe.

If you have legal insurance it's worth checking there in case it covers this. If not a few hundred francs might be well spent