YELLOW fever vaccination -- RUSH


Long story short --- I need to get a Yellow fever vaccination As soon as possible.

I've checked zurich and there is no availability for when I need it.

Does anyone have recommendations on where I can go to get one.

Additionally, I'm scheduled to be in Venice this weekend - can anyone suggest a place in Venice I can get this done.

thanks (It's an unexpected trip that I can't avoid).

I'm doing research now but would love your experience.

Do you have a regular doctor here (hausartz), and have you asked them? Maybe also try asking at apothekes.

You checked the Zentrum für Reisemedizin? Maybe there is such a thing also in other cities.

Specialist Travel clinics are what you need as the vaccine cannot be stored so you’ll need a place which provides the vaccine at regular intervals.

I don’t know any personally but you could ask:

If you don’t mind traveling to Basel:…s/vaccinations

I’ve had several travel vaccines here.

Here’s a doctor for tropical medicine in Wetzikon. Not a personal recommendation, just googled “tropenarzt”.…en-uebersicht/

I got this last year… and was too late as well. So I happen to have the bizarre expert knowledge: Unlike all other vaccines is the yellow fever one tightly controlled. Apparently is the stuff a little volatile and the supply chains are very well controlled in case something goes wrong. So your Hausarzt cant do anything, even most clinics cant do it either - there is a list of approved specialists who can do it and that list is very short. Not sure if they updated it, but several of the entries were actually wrong when I called them all up. And yes, getting an appointment takes time.

Fun fact: the vaccine needs 10 days after your shot to be effective.

I called up all the hospitals and clinincs on that list I found and in the end went there:

Here is the full list for Switzerland:…erimpfung.html

Link 2 under Dokumente.

This is the correct answer. I just checked on their website and they have free slots today.

They have slots for certain things... if you go chose "yellow fever" and say that you have not had the mandatory consultation is their earliest slot Feb 26th...

I keep checking this place and the next available is the 22nd or close to that.

Got mine at fairly short notice in Basel at the Swiss TPH. My oh got hers at a specialist travel center somewhere in Zurich. I remember it being a rush trying to find somewhere.

Check if you really need it. Many places only require it if you've been in a YF danger zone for a period of time before entering.

yup, i've tried this route -- sadly everyone sends me to the same place, they offer the shot but not quick enough for me.

My oh got hers last minute at Dr. med. Danielle Gyurech & PD Dr. med. Julian Schilling Travel Clinic Zürich

Forchstrasse 92, 8008 Zürich

You've probably got only two possibilities in a hurry:

1. Geneva. Lots of NGOs are based there so there may be more demand.

2. London. You can get next day Yellow Fever jabs there. Fly in. Get jab. Fly out.

I’m so glad I never binned my yellow fever certificate, it used to be valid for only 10 years, but now it’s valid for life.

Must have gone quickly. When I checked there were two appointments today and the next one on the 26th.