Your best hikes in Ticino

Hello EF community!

We want to do a 5 days hiking trip in Ticino end of October and am looking for your collective knowledge

Single days hikes only, we will sleep in the van each night.

We are solid hikers who like a challenge but with bad knees so can only hike up and need a ride down

Have you done any cool hikes that you could recommend?

Thank you!


An easy one is the Verzasca valley. You can park in the car park at the Dam (there's one on the other side of the road to the dam) and walk up the valley following the river.

There's a frequent bus down which stops at the dam. It's about 22Km easy uphill to Sonogno but you can go further or start further up.

Morcote to Monte San Salvatore?

I did the reverse (downhill) route and really loved the variety of sights - lovely old towns and villages, views, botanic garden, restaurants……il-to-morcote/