Zurich airport, 24h00 to 6h00, what to do?

A rush decision was made, I'm traveling home for Christmas.

Only issue is that the airplane departs at 6h45. No way to get to the airport by train at that time from my place.

I was wondering if airport lounges were open 24/7. Get there by midnight, 4 hours in the lounge and then check the baggage, but no, TIS. So far, I've only found the capsule hotel at the Zurich airport. But, anyone knows if there's a cafe/bar open during the night in ZH airport on the landside? Which terminal?

Sleepinginairports.net is your friend.

Thanks a lot. The capsule hotel wins for a 2-3 hour nap, better reserve now

Several hotels in Kloten with shuttle buses to the airport.

Swiss lounge A side is closed at night.

Terminal D has rest zones. Something like 20.- for a couple hours in a reclining chair with a blanket.

Capsule hotel is great for a few hours.

Last price check for 2 persons:

- Radisson Blu inside the airport: 162.5 francs

- Capsule hotel, inside airport : 120.2 francs

- Ibis budget: 97 francs, 3 trams stops away (1.5 km). Great fear of missing the 1st tram tomorrow morning and be completely f****

Usually Radisson Blu has higher rate, but harder to find a more convenient option. I think capsules only make sense if you travel alone or when hotel rates are crazy high. Hope this helps someone in the future.

Isn ́t there also a “transit” hotel at the airport after security? I think to remember that DB had a picture on FB of that with the family.

Edit: https://www.flughafen-zuerich.ch/en/…/transit-hotel

I think it's on the airside and no online reservations. Fill out a PDF form, send it to email address and pray for an answer.

After security. I‘d imagine you can book a room as going there without a reservation with wife and kids seems risky.

Are you flying on SWISS? They will let you check your bag the night before your flight (as long as you get there before about 9:45pm when the check-in counters close.

If you can do that, then I would not stress too much (me, probably not at all - but that's just me) about missing the first tram. If you get to the airport at 05:45 you should be fine to make the 06:45 departure.

If you're a bit more stressed about getting around airports quickly, then it's worth the peace of mind to spend for the Radisson. They have a nice bar area that seems open late.

Either way, I'd take advantage of the night before checked luggage if it is available to you. I've always found that to take a lot of the stress away -- one less line to potentially wait in during the morning.

One other note --if you are flying SWISS and flying in either Economy or Premium Economy then you must use "Check In 3" which is the check-in area near the railway station and tram/bus stop. The normal "Check In 1" is undergoing renovations and is only open to Business and First passengers.

Perhaps take an isomatte with you. Go through security, look for a nice corner on the floor, not too dusty, not too drafty, set your alarm and have some kip.

Why bother with hotels? And I know for a fact that Zürich has a few comfy recliners.... Have a few beers or whatever floats your liver but just don ́t do what I did and go into deep sleep.

Being able to go through security depends on how early you can drop your bags at check-in. And also if security is open in the middle of the night (I tried at Gatwick once and it wasn’t).

I know you are not in Zurich but is there a possibility to grab a taxi/uber or arrange a transfer at a wished hour?

We have had uber drives from our place at 4 5 am many times.

Or simply a good friend driving you over in the morning.