Zürich Neumünster Hotel + Restaurant

We have an opportunity to see Stacey Kent at the Neumünster Church in mid-November.

It will require an overnight and we are hoping to eat nearby before hand.

Can anyone recommend a hotel within walking distance?

I have seen the Restaurant Neumünster and Williams Butchers Table nearby. Are these any good or recommend another nearby.

I’ve used trip advisor but am really looking for personal recommendations from people that know the area.

Hotels I’m not sure about.

For a place to eat…

The latest offshoot of Co Chin Chin is about 4mins on foot from your venue. I have not dined at this one yet, but the originals in Gasometerstrasse and Langstrasse area are on my favourites list. The Tages Anzeiger also gave the Seefeld one a positive write-up.


Also bear in mind that the venue is on the 2, 4 and 13 tram routes - which means city centre, plus trendy areas like Zuri West which has the EasyHotel (never stayed but Grumpygrapefruit once used and didn’t complain) and quite a few bars an restaurants all within striking distance.


I think I booked the Hotel Scheuble once in 2020 for someone. That person was very pleased. Depending on your budget the Hotel Storchen or the Widder are very good. But pricey.

The Butcher is nice. I like the restaurant. If you like meat the Zeughauskeller has been around forever.

Another vote for the Widder, although I would suggest a pre-dinner drink in the Bar (watch the prices on some drinks). The Widder restaurant is great, but pricey as IrishTemptation said. I also like William Butchers Table and it’s something a bit different too.

Thanks guys, very helpful.

One more question. Is a ZVV day ticket valid for the day selected or for 24 hours from the time selected.

i.e. we would arrive at the HBH at 16h and depart at 10h the next morning is one or two tickets required?

MrsNickAtBasel tells me the ticket machines have the option for a single - valid for one hour - or a 24h ticket, which is valid for 24h from the time of purchase. So a ticket bought at 16:00 will be still valid at 10:00 the next day.

I use the EasyRide app or cycle - which is why I had to ask.

If you want to meet up for a wee snifter when you visit, do give us a shout.



Check your ticket for the show. They often, though not always, include the public transport directly to and from the show (but not all around Zone 110 during other times).