A glamping pod on lake Lugano

….that is where I am at the moment, half way through a small bottle of something wine-y and bubbly. I am sitting on the forecourt listening to the soothing crackle of rain on the awning and wondering if I should brave the rain to go to the loo, or just have a piddle in the bushes.

It’s been a dull day, I arrived just after one, put my bicycle back together, pumped up the tires and went for a peddle.
Not warm, not cold, not wet or dry and the mountains look, best described as “foreboding”

Nope, raining even harder now, so it is going to be the bushes and wet wipes instead of a shower.
You can do a lot of cleaning with wet wipes.

Geez, slammer. Sounds rough. Keep it up and maybe you should just cross the Alps tomorrow morning.

Snowing tomorrow

Yeah. I didn’t mean on elephants, but rather using the tunnel.

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Campsite restaurant is still closed as is the bar, so it is an early night…. And the freaking bed has just collapsed, folded up like a paper clip.

That doesn’t sound very glam at all, Slammer!

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And now thunder and lightning WTF?

Not Swiss made then

Confirming what I have always suspected … it all sounds very romantic, but the reality is quite different. Hope you get some sleep.

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So, got the bed repaired, some bugger forgot the clasp between the two industrial beds and when Slammer rolled to the middle of the king sized mattress they capsized and folded the mattress like a giant Venus flytrap eating a bug.
Storms in the mountains are always spectacular. This one rattled and shook the pod and the rain turned into a downpour.
I slept really well until it was time for a pee, but in that deluge I just opened the door and let fly into the night.

The great white hunter now goes to the shop to hunt for breakfast.

The happy hunting grounds of Carrefour delivered as usual.
And here is my pod.

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That actually looks quite nice, for a tent.

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It is actually akute comfortable, comes with a mini kitchen and A/C

Sitting here under the awning. Having breakfast listening to the rain drumming on the awning and the discordant clanging of the church bells.
I am reading a book from Wolfgang Hohlbein. Some horror sci-fi thing. I have nothing to do, not a care or a worry in the world. Just an occasional post on SF At least until Tuesday when it is back to the grindstone.

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…just staring out into the rain, not a useful thought in my head. Brain freewheeling in neutral.

Just don’t burn the place down with your mini kitchen. I could spend all day in Carrefour…what did it yield for your Easter dinner?

A multitude of Italian ham and cheese, crispy, crunchy bread, freshly churned local butter and salted olive oil to dunk.
Took a drive into the mountains between Luganosee and Comosee along winding , bendy Wendy backroads the width of two asses asses…

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