Accident Insurance - What is covered

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my wife was hit by a car while crossing the road. Due to her injuries and the help I am providing her, I have not had the time to power wash the terrace, which I am obligated to do once a year per my rental agreement. I do not see myself having the time to do it for the next few weeks.I will probably have to hire a professional to get it cleaned. Is this something the insurance company will cover?

When I had my accident the insurance covered ESSENTIAL help that I would have "normally" done, i.e. doing the laundry, cooking, etc., not really work that other members of the household would be doing.

Why don't you accept the help for your wife that you are currently assisting her with, and it will free up the time to do what you need to do? It's probably easier to run that through the insurance company.

The stuff I'm helping my wife with is small stuff here and there, but it adds up. Taking her to appointments, working with the insurance company, etc... Not sure if they will reiburse me for my time.

While you're "working with the insurance company" why don't you drop the question on them about paying for a professional cleaner for the terrace? Only one way to find out, right?

Another option, in that case, would be to contact your landlord, explain the accident, explain that you're preoccupied with your wife's recovery and inform them that you will fulfill your obligation to clean the terrace when she's better. Estimate how long it will be then give them a latest date for when you'll get it done by.

That's the most sensible answer.

For all those with children, insurance companies would go bust if parents claimed for extra work needed when their kids suffer the multitude of accidents and illnesses which they invariable do.

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You might be able to get compensation for this from the person (or their insurance) who hit your wife with the car. So by all means check with your insurance, whether it is claimable and whether they will pay out and claim it on your wife’s behalf, or similar.