Activities for toddlers

So, a friend is coming to visit from the UK later this month accompanied by a 3 and 4 year old. They'll be here for 10 days.

What to do with the kiddies who have the attention span of.....seconds and who constantly complain of being bored unless they have a phone or ipad in their hands??

Mountain hikes, ski lesssons, cycling are all "off the menu" - these kids aren't fans of exercise. Scenic drives, train or boat rides - nope, they just fall asleep and/or get whingy/fidgety.

Immediate thought is to find snow (easy enough from Kanton Schwyz) and set them loose building snow men (or should that be snow people?)

The husky centre feels a good bet.

Maybe a visit to the cave near Baar?

The water slide and paddling pool at the Aegeri indoor schwimmbad will be worth a try.

After that I'm out of ideas - help please!


Sledging at Raten (take your own sledge) if there is any snow that low.

Most kids forget that exercise is involved if they are really enjoying themselves.

No money wasted if they winge and refuse to get out of the car.

The wildlife park at Arth-Goldau is good. Even in Winter, just dress warm.

Transport museum in Luzern

An indoor Playarea - there is a good one called SpringDings in Reichenburg but maybe thats too far?

Maybe they’d enjoy some indoor pools. There are also some thermal baths that are kid-friendly. There are also indoor trampoline parks (probably some closer to you than the one in Wetzikon) and an indoor kid’s place called Spielzanti that has a lot of cool stuff for kids that age. I’ll put a link to it, but it’s in Volketswil, so a bit of a drive from canton Schwyz, but maybe there is something like it near you:…hoCMDkQAvD_BwE

We use to take our son and his friends there at the age or 3 and 4 and they’d have a blast for hours and hours while the parents can sit and chat and have coffee, etc. while watching over them from a distance. They have nice lunches as well.

If they have the attention span for it, you could take them to the movies. Some are shown in English.

Looks like Connyland (a kid’s amusement park) has some neat stuff going on for the holidays (English translation):

“Until the end of December, Conny-Land will be transformed into a winter wonderland with an artificial ice rink, a large Christmas tree and funny Christmas shows.
When it gets colder outside, Conny-Land in Lipperswil shines in a sea of ​​Christmas lights. A Christmas market awakens the Advent spirit for the whole family with a cup of mulled wine and children’s punch. Whether it’s a round on the artificial ice rink or a meeting with the Conelli Christmas clowns “Roli and Gaston” - you definitely won’t get bored in Switzerland’s largest amusement park.”

For anyone else thinking about Connyland, their website advises that they're closed currently, and through to March 2024! Looks like a fabulous amusement park otherwise...

For anyone else seeking ideas, I just found this very useful site:

Pick me for the Llama tour, with or without the kiddies!