After school in Pully / Lausanne Area


I wanted to check if someone in the forum has dealt with after school in Pully? We moved recently and our son will start school (1P) in August 2024. We immediately subscribed to the waiting list of the after school care foundation of the commune, but it seems the waiting time is at least 1 year. And we cannot find private after school care (like there are private nurseries for 0-4 years old). Do you have any ideas of what to do?

It seems strange to me that (1) the commune does not provide enough places for all kids in mandatory school, and that then (2) given the deficiencies of the commune, there are no private institutions providing this service.

What are working parents supposed to do?

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

That sounds really tough!

I am not living in the area and hopefully someone who is will come along and help.

However some ideas come to mind like:
-is there a possibility to share the burden with other parents and take turns?
-can you leverage work from home for a period of time?
-have you made it clear to the commune that both of you work full time and hence you don’t have a lot of options?

All the best!

I live in the area (Lausanne now, Lutry for 12 years). Lausanne has a much bigger offer, but unfortunately in Lutry and Pully the waiting list for after-school care is huge.

You can probably find some private daycares : Ô Petits Soleils, Les p’tits bonheurs, etc. The key word is UAPE (Unité d’Accueil pour Ecoliers).

That being said, yes, Switzerland is a terribly patriarcal society, designed for staying-at-home mothers… We’re slowly evolving, sloooowly…