Another Paediatrician thread

Looking for advice on a pediatrician...


- must speak English

- online booking preferable, but a place that actually answers the phone would be good (this one seems hard to find)

- Ideally either Zurich or west of Zurich (all the way to Baden area)

- Has more than one doctor working there, so if the doctor is on holiday, there is someone working

- accepts registrations

We thought we found one with - except they are really hard to get on the phone, and they don't let you register before the birth.

Then found (from another post here) - but has no online booking, and after 10 mins on hold gave up.

The hospital nurses, midwives, OB, hebamme, and pretty much EVERYONE we speak to says that we need to register with a pediatrician NOW, and not wait until after the baby is born... so kind of torn.

Would be great if someone has one that they like and can recommend...

Hi! The pediatrician at Medix Friesenberg has spots. My kids are not there but I am.there for GP and Gyno and really like it. Getting them by phone is at times hard but works and online tool works well. All the docs will see the child if pediatrician is away. My friend has her child there and is happy.