Any suggestions for Black Friday around Zurich?

Hello all,

We are getting close to Black Friday. I am wondering if there is any outlet/shopping center around Zurich that you strongly recommend.

I had a chance to go to OUTLET AUBONNE once and there I could buy quite a lot of different things. Prices were very good (they were mostly 30% off as it was outlet and another 30% for black Friday). Is there any similar thing around Zurich?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions in advance.

It's all a scam, do not bother.


99% scam. Got nothing to do with the USA black friday.

The outlet at Landquart is the nearest similar type of thing to Aubonne. Otherwise you can head north to Outlet City in Metzingen Germany. By some measure or other it’s the largest in Europe. As it’s centred around the Hugo Boss headquarters, their outlet there is massive.

Black Friday could be said to be a collective insanity.