anybody non eu going through divorce

anybody non eu going through divorcr experience this after changing address?

“Der Migrationsdienst des Kanton hat die Mutation Ihrer neuen Adresse vorgenommen. Deshalb bitten wir Sie, die Kosten von CHF 62.20 bei uns am Schalter zu bezahlen.”

short story we filed mutual divorce month after i got C auswiess i already answer their question my soon to be ex also answer. and now i got this from gemeinde, i understand you need to pay in schweiz for everything , i am in switzerland for more than 5 years and recently got c auswiess, any idea what migration upto?

thank you for your time and reply have good day everyone.

You always pay for a change of address on your permit.

Yes, you do.

I have some distressing news for you: nothing is free anywhere. The question is – who pays?

Well, it's either the taxpayer or the enduser. In fact, it's usually both. Your contribution doesn't cover the salary, building costs, heating, desk, chair, computer system etc of the department that deals with your issues. So, we all pay, you just pay a little bit more.

There is no such thing. Did you mean Ausweis? It should be printed correctly on your, well, Ausweis.

No. No idea. What do you suspect?

Since when did they start printing address on a non EU permit

Nothing to do with divorce , standard if you change your address. My Gemeinde charged CHF 100. I enquired and they said this is to update my new address in "their" system , Migrationsamt's system, Tax Office's system and also Transport Office's system (only for License). In case you have a car in your name, you must get that done separately in your Kanton's Transport Office.

Also any address change must be informed to


-insurances (health / liability / legal / household / car etc.)


-migros/coop :-)


-basically whosoever contacts you

I am sure 1 year down the line you'll remember someone that should have been informed but wasn't ;-) speaking from experience