Apple airport replacement

I’d like to (finally) replace my Apple airport and LAN. I’m looking for a drop in solution. Price not more than f650 +/-

2 Desktop, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones.

Time Machine

Any recommendations?

I gave up long ago with Airport. I took it back to Apple 3 times as it stopped working each time. Then the 2-year warranty ran out.

I use my Service Provider’s modem in bridge mode and three Decco mesh stations. This gives complete coverage of the house, garden and garage.…roduct-family/

For backup, I use a small WD hard disk in a USB port of my iMac…

Ubiquiti or TP-Link POE APs.

Apple's last Airport was introduced in 2013 (over ten years ago) and discontinued in 2018.

I have an earlier model, still. But will be switching to a TP-Link POE AP hopefully soon.

Time-Machine: I believe, any half-modern NAS can serve as TimeMachine target.

A Ubiquiti AP and a five-port ethernet switch will cost around CHF100 and will do the job just fine.

Even a 2Gb Ubiquiti AP is only around CHF110.

I think it has been discontinued ages ago so a drop in solution is probably not on the cards.

Maybe start by identifying what features you actually need and see what is available now.

We just use the providers router to share the printer and everything else is not in the cloud.

I use Synology DS218j. The current model would be DS223j. Really good NAS and works flawlessly with apple devices including Time Machine. I also use it with Plex as a media library.