Ardennes Pâte in Switzerland?

Going for my brown sugar moment.

Visiting Mrs Nickatbasel’s side of the family in the Netherlands, I got a slab of Ardennes pâte from the Albert Heijn which I am now consuming on toast with enough salted butter to make a cardiologist weep in despair.

It’s something I never see in “Coop-Gros” - at least not the branches near me in Zurich. I daresay I’ll find it in Globus Food / Jelmoli or similar if I look hard enough - just wonder if anyone has found it in a mainstream supermarket?

I haven’t Googled nor used the search to check the extensive Swissforum knowledge base.


Ugh, now I want some…… good thing i‘m on my way to the Netherlands.

And to answer your question, never seen it here.

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It‘s one of those things I never see so don‘t realise I miss it until I see it.

No doubt there are recipes out there for a homemade version.

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It’s one of the things we really missed when we moved here from Belgium.

We’ve made it using this recipe a few times but it is a bit of a faff.

Alternatively the paté de campagne isn’t a terrible substitute.

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There are loads of things like that.

It’s one of those Europe-wide acclaimed foods rightly available in most countries easily - in the UK, for example, even Aldi and Lidl sell Belgian-made Ardennes pate. But not here.

And to answer your question, Lidl sells four or five very decent pates a couple of times a year - at Christmas and Easter including a liver one and a venison one. Not sure whether they are made in Belgium - but the UK ones are.

Jinx no backs, you owe me a Coke.

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