Attending a Conference in Zurich (accommodation)

Dear fellow members,

A friend is flying in for a conference in Zurich and I am seeking your advice on the optimal accommodation in the wider Zurich region (45-minute train ride radius).

He has researched hotels and city-limits airbnbs - all expensive for an academic researcher budget; lodging with us would add 6+ hours of daily commute (Geneva-Zurich-Geneva) which eliminates his morning and evening receptions/dinner networking opportunities, which were among the main motivators for his decision to sign for it.

What would you do if facing a similar situation? Thank you for your suggestions and recommendations

Youth Hostel?

how many days is it? would airbnb work?

check this website:…t-unterkuenfte

When is the conference? I have a spare room but my place is currently in disaster moving out mode.

I believe hotel prices go down significantly leaving zurich for nearby cities such as Schlieren, Dietlikon or Neuenhof. Train connections are good enough to attend the whole morning to evening program.

Could they ask the conference organisers for some ideas?

There must be other people in the same boat as them with regards to costs.

Ibis Budget Zurich West. It's something between 120-150 a night... it wont get crazy much cheaper if you get out of the city. And he is in ZH West surrounded by food options, public transport and so on...

I just met business partners in Zurich last week who spent 300 CHFs a night on a dump near HB... tell anyone to not fall for those hotels. You dont need to stay 3 mins from HB but you also dont want to move out 45 mins by train.

Where is the event? If it’s in Zurich city, any hotel/hostel/B&B within the public transport zone 110 will be 15-20 min (or 4 CHF) from the event. That comprises Oerlikon, Stadelhofen, Wolllishofen, Wiedikon, Alstetten, Affoltern.

This hotel is 5 min walking from Alstetten train station and it’s also on the ~150 CHF per night level. It’s near my workplace, not a place with the best architecture or restaurants, but it’s nice, safe and 5 min from Zurich HB by train.

There’s a youth hostel in Wollishofen.…SAAEgI3AfD_BwE

Wollishofen has a rail station, tram terminal and bus depot so very quick connections into the city. Trams go to sleep in Wollishofen so we get service (and extra trams!) regularly until about 1am.

There’s also an IBIS at Aldiswil a bit further out, where a bus connects you to Wollishofen. Or it’s a nice 20 min walk from the tram terminal if you prefer soime fresh air.

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Thank you so much for the valuable ideas! Lady is now booked in the youth hostel along with her fellow researchers