Axa says hi in the new forum

Hi everyone, I’m Axa and I’m an alcoh…wait no, also used the Axa handle on the old EF.

I arrived to Switzerland back on 2012 to live in Neuchâtel. Moved on 2018 to Aargau.

Apart for the love of beer, I do like mountain bike, fooling around in the snow (ski) , cooking and having long and tiresome discussions on web forums.

Nice to meet some of you last evening :slight_smile:


Welcome here Axa, it was nice to meet you yesterday!

Hi Axa
Nice to see you again!
Hope you got home savely last night!
It seems I am no longer used to drinking “that much” beer :laughing:. Good thing I had the fries :slight_smile:

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Yes, all good. No many trains in Hardbrücke to get confused and get in the wrong one :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you!

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